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Anil Kumar, a 24 year young, hardworking and enthusiastic candidate born and educated in Hatal, Tyuni district Dehradun comes from a economically backward family and had completed his education from GIC Hatal, Tyuni. He had lost his father at a very young age in 2005 and after his death life became worse for Anil & his family! There were challenges in terms of financial support… which were natural in the absence of one and only bread winner & head of the family gone forever, but other that Financial loss… there was a huge vacuum for Anil and his siblings, as they lost vital career guidance. However as is so often said, “where there is a will, there is a way,” and so, even this huge lose could not stop Anil from achieving his goals in life.

Anil’s village is like any other rural area in Uttarakhand , with sparse electricity or access to moderate technology. It’s very hard for us to even think of that life suffered by Anil’s family.

Due to financial problems, it was very hard for Anil to afford expensive courses in the market  which are generally required in todays’ world to reach one’s  goals and so when Anil heard about Swatantra project through print media & DRES mobilizers , he saw that opportunity as a golden opportunity for himself, crafted by God, in tune with his skills and aspirations for learning.

He got selected for Placement linked skill development training being provided under Swatantra Project, sponsored under HSBC Skills for Life. Rest, as we know is history… he took this as a wonderful opportunity, & so no one could stop him from giving his best output. Anil had done his training very well and gained knowledge not only in his domain trade but also in overcoming his shortcomings, boosting his confidence level and worked on communication skills which were once the roadblock to his progress. Although he faced a lot of challenges during training… but with determination to learn he worked hard and with the support of faculty members he finally achieved success. He was eager to change his and his family’s life through a good job and today his family is very happy for his initial success! He started his career graph by working in OPPO and currently he is working in VIVO as a Promoter. For whatever success he has achieved to date, he gives credit to his parents’ blessings and mother’s dedication & support. For his first successful step on his career ladder, he thanks DRES & the CSR sponsors of Project Swatantra, his Mentors, faculties and friends for shaping him into a person he is today. From the day he started earning, his family’s living standards have improved and now they don’t struggle for basic necessities of life.

“There are challenges but my life has certainly improved and my dreams are finally beginning to materialize,” says a proud Anil 


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